About us

Service Philosophy

“mental health treatments and substance abuse treatments are brought together by the same clinicians/support workers, in the same program, to ensure that the individual receives a consistent explanation of illness/problems and a coherent prescription for treatment rather than a contradictory set of messages from different providers”

– Health Canada, 2001

Harm Reduction

Lennox & Addington Addiction and Community Mental Health Services recognizes and respects the value and dignity of all people. We endorse the principles of harm reduction characterized by a non-judgemental approach to an individual’s independence and admiration at their resistance against oppression which so many have experienced in their lives. We stand beside those we serve and are committed to a strength-based orientation which encourages, supports and teaches harm reduction strategies as we bear witness to life changing circumstances. Understanding the importance of early intervention, we are committed to ensuring that substance use is not a barrier to receiving care. The agency offers this philosophy through non-judgemental care, counselling and information, needle exchange/distribution service in the community including on-site at the MMT clinic.

Harm reduction initiatives range from widely accepted ideas, such as designated driver campaigns, to more controversial initiatives, like the provision of condoms in public schools, needle exchange programs or supervised injection sites for intravenous drug users, drug legalization, and heroin maintenance programs. For further information please refer to the Canadian Harm Reduction Network.

Recovery Model

Recovery is not a new idea, nor, it seems, is it referencing one particular model. It does however, refer generally to a philosophy of hope in the face of the oppression of mental illness. People have so often been told that mental illness means certain decline into unemployment, poverty, and disability. They have been pitied, stigmatized and in fact, demonized through social stereotypes and caricatures. The promise of recovery is that it will lead to fuller lives for people with mental illness, while perhaps still experiencing symptoms and struggles and living consciously and fully despite life’s burdens.

LAACMHS honours and offers tribute to those individuals for whom we support in spirit of their journeys. We stand beside them as witness to their strengths, struggles and personal power.

Who We Are

Lennox & Addington Addiction and Community Mental Health Services is 95% funded by the South East LHIN. The views expressed are those of this Agency and do not necessarily reflect those of the LHIN or the Government of Ontario.