Cannabis Oil Cancer Treatment Is One of the Best Natural Treatments

You might know someone of your family member or friend or co-worker who has been fighting cancer. Hence, they might be looking for natural treatment process for curing cancer related pain. Well, one such effective treatment is available for cancer patients, i.e. cannabis oil cancer treatment. The oil is known to provide relief from chemotherapy related pain and even cancer.

Should A Cancer Patient Totally Depend on Cannabis Oil?

With many medical research suggesting that cannabis or CBD oil can help in curing cancer, does this mean one should not go for chemotherapy or other conventional treatments. Not really. If one does so they will be doing more harm. In fact, many leading oncologists are stating that one should try to treat their cancer through conventional as well as natural treatment. Both these type of treatment when combined together can be very effective in curing cancer.

The deadly disease cancer is on the rise. If one goes through health journals or medical journals one gets to hear that over 12 million people die of cancer every year. Though this data doesn’t seem to be very alarming, but there are also news reports that by 2020 cancer related deaths would increase by 60%. The financial condition of all cancer patients are not the same. Some people may not be able to carry on with the costly chemotherapy sessions. Then they try to opt for natural treatment processes like cannabis oil cancer treatment. However, other cancer patients can use cannabis oil along with chemotherapy.

cannabis oil cancer treatment

Treating Cancer with Cannabis Oil

It might sound interesting to many cancer patients that how essential oil, such as cannabis oil can beat cancer. Well, cannabis oil also known as CBD oil or marijuana oil is same. The oil contains concentrated form of cannabinoids such as THC or CBD in them which works on cancer receptor cells. Basically, the cannabinoids inhibits the spreading of cancer cells.

It seems interesting that cannabis oil cancer treatment is able to get rid of various types of cancer. The oil containing important cannabinoids is obtained through the process of solvent extraction. The oil can be orally ingested, applied topically, or vaporized. Whatever way the oil is used by the cancer patient it is beneficial in restricting the growth of cancer cells and also killing them.

cannabis oil for cancer treatment

How It Cures Cancer?

 The cannabinoids gets locked to the cancer receptor cells CB1 and CB2 and activates it. On activation, there is an increase in ceramide level. This, in turn, causes genotic stress on the nucleus of the cancer cells. It results in pushing out of cytochrome C and generation of protein P53. The protein causes a disturbance with calcium metabolism and cut off the energy pathway. Hence, cannabis oil cancer treatment brings the death of cancer cells.

With the cancer industry looking for an effective and natural treatment for cancer, with cannabis oil this has been made possible. Studies have shown that numerous cancer patients from all across the world are using cannabis oil cancer treatment. Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) is responsible for swapping off the gene that is solely responsible for the growth of cancer cells within the body.