Things You Need To Prepare For a Medical Exam

Planning to immigrate to Canada? In order to immigrate to Canada, you will not only need to submit the immigration applications properly. You would also need to go through a series of CIC medical examination. All temporary immigrants are required to go through medical examination so that the health of the Canadian citizens and permanent resident applicants can be protected.

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Medical Examination Mandatory

A medical exam is needed in order to learn about the health conditions of the immigrants. Sometimes it has been seen that immigrants don’t disclose their medical history because of the fear of their immigration application getting rejected. Well, immigrating to another country with serious health conditions can be bad for that country. This is because the health conditions of the immigrant can affect the health of the Canadian public.

Thus, through medical tests can only determine if the immigrants meet the term of immigration. In short, the examination can determine possible health conditions of the immigrant. CIC medical tests are needed so that there is no high demand for the Canadian health care system. The medical test is always conducted in the country from where the immigration application is being submitted.

Different Medical Exams

Prospective immigrants who are planning to immigrate to Canada need to submit their full medical history with their selected panel of physicians. The routine medical examination that an immigrant will need to go through includes:

  • Physical Examination of the ear, nose, heart, etc.
  • Laboratory Tests included HIV testing, urine analysis, syphilis testcic medical test
  • Chest X-ray

All the reports of the medical tests should be carefully arranged and send to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The visa office decided if the applicant should be considered inadmissible or not.

Getting Prepared for the Medical Tests

An immigrant in order to get prepared for the CIC medical tests, one would need to follow some important things. They are:

  • One should be in a reasonably good condition. In case, one suffers from high blood pressure or cholesterol then it should be kept under check.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the day before tests are going to be held.
  • Drink alcohol at least 72hours before the exam.
  • Limit the intake of black tea and also limit the chewing of tobacco.
  • Strenuous activity like jogging or swimming should be avoided.
  • Avoid using painkillers.
  • Start healthy diet one week before the CIC medical exam. Intake of salt and fatty or unhealthy food should be avoided.
  • Remaining stress free just before the exam is important.

Things to Carry

When you are going for a medical test, you need to carry four copies of photographs along with you.  You should also carry complete medical reports of your medical condition. Other things which an immigrant might need to carry are the medial report form and eyeglasses if one wears it.

Once an immigrant gets prepared for their CIC medical exam, the processing of the application won’t take much time. Before submitting the application, going through the medical tests is important for successful immigration.